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L'usine actuelle d'Eyzerac. Site defabrication des ressorts.

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It All Began in Paris

1950: Our company’s history begins in Paris with the hand-made products of one individual spring-maker.

1952: The spring-maker acquires a small workshop of 15m2 for commercial production.

1968: The business is discussed with a technician who subsequently purchases the workshop.

It is this technician who founds the RAgut-PICard company, its name composed of his own and his wife’s surnames. He then goes on to hire a spring-maker

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Relocation to Thiviers in The Périgord

1973: At the age of 23, a Mr. Fargeot travels from Thiviers to Paris to research new ways of industrial production. His family has been in the shoe business for decades. He buys the company which has still just one employee The company becomes officially known as RAPIC

1975: RAPIC relocates to Thiviers, hiring on average one employee per year

1980: After 30 years of skilled manufacture, a new factory is built in Nantheuil, north of Thiviers

RAPIC secures its first SIAR endorsement (Ministry of Defence recognition)

1992: The factory, which now has a staff of 20, introduces quality standards

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Certification and New Ownership

Certification ISO 9002 v 1994 pour les ressorts Rapic. {GIF} Certification ISO 9001 V 2000 pour les ressorts Rapic. {GIF}Certification EN 9100 Ressorts Aéronautique {JPEG}

1998: Certification ISO9002 V1994 is awarded.

2006: RAPIC is bought by Jean-Luc Besnard.

2012: Certification EN9100 is awarded in June.

2014 RAPIC relocates to brand-new premises in Eyzerac, south of Thiviers.

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