Compression springs

A compression spring is a helical, cylindrical mechanical part which releases the energy it stores once the force applied is removed.

Compression spring

The repeated movement might damage the spring for ever, that shows the importance of the study phase, which takes into account the physical characteristics of the spring and the material chosen.

The force given back by the spring is linear, and depends on two parameters. The first one is the displacement imposed to the spring, and the second is the stiffness (expressed in N/mm). Its elastic characteristics lets the spring support a certain load and it should normally be resistant to alternate efforts.

Rapic Fabrication Ressort Compression p 350pix Rapic fabrication d'un ressort FUL35 350pix


RAPIC is able to manufacture compression springs for wire diameters between 0,20mm and 20mm.

RAPIC is able to to help you dimension and calculate your compression spring.

The design of a compression spring makes it able to meeet the life expectancy required by its application.

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