Flat and Leaf Springs

Flat springs are designed for specific purposes and there are few standard issues on the market. They are used in watch and lock making, mechanical toys, machinery, vehicle manufacturing, electronics and all sectors of industry.

Flat metal springs are sometimes called clips.

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Flat Springs

Repetitive movement necessarily impacts upon the life expectancy of any spring, no matter what the design. Hence the importance of research to take into account the physical features required and the properties of the material to be used in a spring’s manufacture.

Flat springs are particularly useful when space is in short supply.

Flat springs include clips, ground contacts, plate springs, leaf springs, blade springs…

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RAPIC is able to produce high-grade flat springs from sheets (plates) or strips of specific metals.

RAPIC will help you size and calculate the flat metal springs you need since this is determined by the thickness and resistance of the plate used in their manufacture.

« A flat spring must be calculated to ensure it has a life expectancy fit for purpose. »

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