Other Compression Springs

Conical, hourglass and barrel springs have very specific shapes but are all based on the same principle as the compression spring.

Their use depends on where they are to be employed and the task they are to perform.

These springs have non-linear mechanical stiffness.

Conical Springs

Rapic Ressort Conique A compression spring may be conical. In this case, its main feature is that it may be only the thickness of a single coil at solid height.

Conical springs from RAPIC are made from wire diameter 0.2mm to 20 mm with or without ground ends, depending on wire diameter and the quality of guide required.

Hourglass Springs

Rapic ressort Diabolo Also known as biconical springs, these are often used in sprung mattresses.

Barrel Springs

Rapic Ressort Tonneau 3 These are cylindrical springs with smaller coils at each end, producing a barrel shape.

They are used in vehicle suspensions and as shock absorbers in machinery. They are also used in mattresses.

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