RAPIC : manufactured springs

You are welcome to search our product range and to ask for a free, customized quote. We specialize in the design and manufacture of wire forms, compression, traction, torsion, double torsion springs, flat springs (leaf springs, clips…)

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The Company

RAPIC has manufactured springs in Thiviers since 1975.

From the very start our company recognized the need to listen to our clients’ requirements in order to deliver a customized solution. We specialize in cold-rolled wire products. We use only high-grade wire in our -products-

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A Wide Range of Products

We can deliver (almost) any spring or wire form, with or without spring function, from traditional round-wire springs to application-specific multi-wire springs, from soldered frames to assembly clips, from holding fixtures to flexible guides, using wire with a diameter of from 0.2mm to 20 mms.

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rapic machine automate fabrication ressorts en filWe set ourselves the challenge of working with you to find the precise design and function you need. The products we offer are manufactured using the very latest developments in production tools and materials.

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Customized Output

We are committed to delivering a customized product at the best possible price and to suggesting a range of solutions and exotic materials.

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Meeting rigorous quality standards under EN9100 is our pledge that full information on your product will be retained at each stage of manufacture. In addition, micro-percussion marking is available on some wire -diameters

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We aim to meet your needs in terms of product function and size, bearing in mind the technical specifications of the product you require.

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We offer flexibility in providing maintenance, prototypes, repairs and series production in a variety of combinations. We do so in a spirit of service and with a determination to process your orders as quickly as possible.

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In Addition

Relations with our clients are based on partnership. Our technical service is therefore happy to work at your premises.

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Project Assistance

Torsion, compression, extension… Most of our products are determined by our customers’ design needs. They consist of a variety of forms used as fixtures, springs, clips or to enhance movement. If the client does not have production drawings, an existing model may be submitted or a statement of the function required plus the relevant dimensional drawings. Please contact our spring design specialists on line for a free, customized quote.

Please contact our spring design specialists on line for a free, customized quote.

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From Design to Prototype

You are welcome to commission output ranging from prototypes to small or large-scale series production. The many methods of welding and soldering we employ mean we are able to connect the profiles we manufacture in ready-to-use subassemblies.

All our products are recorded in our ERP database so that we retain the full history of your requirements in an in-house reference tool, ensuring maximum company responsiveness.

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Series Production – Large or Small

Our means of production can be customized to meet your needs. After research and prototyping, we are ready to move to pilot production and, ultimately, to series production. Together with you, we research all the necessary parameters in order to deliver the best solution.

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Please feel free to contact our design office with further enquiries.->art42].