Springs for the Aircraft Industry

Just as a spring is vital part of a sequence of actions so our company is a vital part linking the manufacture of your product to its delivery to your client.

Since 1972, we have built up years of expertise in making springs. Our strength lies in our commitment to offering you the best possible service through production units based at the unique site we opened in 2014.

Rapic Ressorts pour l'aéronautiqueWith 50 years of experience behind us, RAPIC and its 21 employees are also experts in the spring function, whether in wire applications (specific and complex forms) or parts such as blades and clips.

We work with wire of 0.3mm to 8mm in diameter (compressions 0.3 to 20mm) We are also able to mild steel wire forms for a variety of purposes. From metal leaves and strips, we manufacture parts of from 0.2mm to 1.5mm thick.

We are, of course, able to offer you with a variety of in traditional springs (compression [cold coiling up to 20 mm]), extension springs, torsion springs, conical springs, and so on.

Thanks to end-to-end supervision and strict traceability in compliance with EN9100 procedures, we are sure to deliver your products that meet your requirements.

Our specialist skills have won recognition from, among others, the aircraft industry, the military, the medical and paramedical sectors, industrial valve manufacturers and household appliance makers etc.

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