Tension Springs

Tension (or Extension) springs can be stretched. They are fitted with a loop or hook at each end.

They are generally intended to store energy when extended and release it as they return to their free shape.

The tension (or extension) spring

The tension spring is fitted with two bucles or attachments which makes it possible to grab and extend it.

If it is not correctly dimensioned, the repeated movement might damage the spring for ever, that shows the importance of the study phase, which takes into account the physical characteristics of the spring and the material chosen.

The force used extends the spring, and this one will gives back the same force to recover its initial form. Its elastic characteristics lets the spring support a certain load and it should normally be resistant to alternate efforts.

Like the compression spring, its stiffness is constant.

Rapic ressort de traction pour exemple


RAPIC is able to produce high-grade tension springs with specific metals.

RAPIC will help you size and calculate the springs you need since this is determined by the diameter and resistance of the wire used.

«A tension spring must be calculated to ensure it has a life expectancy fit for purpose»

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