Torsion springs

Torsion springs enable applications to rotate then return to their starting position as in the case of swing doors, top-opening oven doors and clothes-pegs.

Torsion springs usually have legs, perpendicular to the axis on which the spring is mounted.

Torsion spring

Rapic ressort de torsion pour exemple A torsion spring is a component whih allows a rotating part to come back to its original position when the effort applied disappears.The repeated movement might damage the spring for ever, that shows the importance of the study phase, which takes into account the physical characteristics of the spring and the material chosen.

Its resistance is the same as the one of the spiral spring, except that the moment of inertia is different.

The rotation angle between the movable end and the fixed end is, regardless of the moment of inertia, identical to the one of the spiral spring.


RAPIC is able to manufacture torsion springs for wire diameters between 0,20mm and 20mm.

RAPIC is able to to help you dimension and calculate your torsion spring.

The design of a torsion spring makes it able to meet the life expectancy required by its application.

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Another torsion spring : The double torsion spring

It is generally symetrical, and has the advantage of being easier to guide than the simple torsion spring.

Its double coiling allows two joint actions with the same force.